We have the pleasure to invite you to take the opportunity to participate in our workshop in straw bale construction. It is going to take place between 17-21 July in Focșani, Jud. Vrancea in Romania. Our client is building a straw bale house in a suburb area of Focsani. During the workshop, we will be teaching a bit of theory of straw bale use in construction, but mainly we will focus on the practical part. We are going to teach how:

  • to chose the right straw bales and how to prepare them before using them in the walls,
  • how to cut and install straw bales in the walls with adequate compression,
  • how to shave them and prepare for earth/lime plasters,
  • how to install the anti-mice wire mesh,
  • how to insulate zones difficult to fill with straw bale,
  • how to insulate zones exposed to moisture,
  • how to prepare window and door opening,
  • how to plaster straw bale walls with earth and lime plaster,
  • how to build light clay interior walls,
  • … and more      

By the end of the course, you will know all the major aspects of building with straw. The teacher, architect Grzegorz (Greg) Gorski has been involved in straw bale construction for last 8 years, has designed and was involved in building several straw bale buildings in Romania, lead a group of builders and volunteers during an early construction phase in Eco Village Moldova, was involved in a research-based fire tests on straw bale walls in Incerc in Bucharest, was a leading designer for straw bale walls manufacturer and is recently developing straw bale design and build company in UK.

Our participants will camp on site. We will provide vegetarian meals 3 times a day. The cost of participation in the workshop is 150 € for professionals and 50 € for 5 day workshop and it covers the teacher’s travel expenses, some basic safety equipment and  3 vegetarian meals a day. What you are getting for free is the opportunity to exchange your knowledge and experience with other participants that share the same passion for natural buildings. In the morning we will do a short yoga/qi gong practice (optional). During the day will be accompanied by positive tunes and in the evening we will gather by the fire to share our wildest adventures. To sign up please write us an email at with the subject WORKSHOPS. We will be looking forward to meeting you soon.

ESD team



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