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Casă din baloți de paie, Valea Nucului, Octombrie 2013

Am vizitat casa din baloti de paie din Valea Nucului in Octombrie, anul acesta. Lucrurile facute in vara asta au fost tencuiala interioara din var. Vedeti poze de la vizita noastra. From Casă din baloți de paie, Valea Nucului, Octombrie

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European Straw Bale Gathering, Łódź, Poland, 27-31 August

“Earth Safe Design had a pleasure to participate in European Straw Bale Gathering this summer. We would like to share with you the photos we have taken during the gathering. It was the highlight of our activities this year and

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Workshop in Carligu Mare 2011

“In the summer 2011 I attended the workshop organised by the association Eco-Habitat from Bucharest and taught by Tom Rijven, straw bale and earth plaster specialist from Netherlands. Our goal was to build a small house for 4 people family.

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Straw bale house in Valea Nucului

Valea Nucului, Buzău, România, Mai – Octombrie 2012 Numele proiectului: Casă ecologică de vacanţă Investitor/beneficiar: persoană privată Suprafaţa: 185m² Structură: structură din lemn cu pereţi din baloţi de paie tencuiţi cu tencuială din pământ şi var, fundaţie din beton, acoperiş din şindrilă

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The history of straw bale construction

The first straw bale houses were built in the USA in Nebraska by European settlers. Because of the lack of wood and other building materials needed for their homes, they had to improvise. Using the newly invented horse-powered straw-baling machine,

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External lime plaster on straw bale wall

The sample shows all the layers of the external lime plaster over a straw bale wall: 1. (30cm -45cm) Straw bale of a density minimum 90kg/m3 made of wheat or rye straw 2. (0.5cm) Clay slip made of local earth

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Welcome World!

Earth Safe Design was born today to help in developing healthy, sustainable and ecological architecture. We are offering services of design, consulting, building guidance and training of homes and other buildings that have minimum impact on the environment, are energy

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