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Earth Safe Design was born today to help in developing healthy, sustainable and ecological architecture. We are offering services of design, consulting, building guidance and training of homes and other buildings that have minimum impact on the environment, are energy efficient, build with local materials and create healthy atmosphere. Primarily we have chosen straw bale construction as the most favourable, having the most of possible benefits:

  • Straw-bale walls have great thermal insulation which makes the houses warm in winter and cool in summer with minimum or no heating/cooling systems. On the long run, you will be saving up to 75% of what you would normally spend for temperature maintenance.
  • You also have the possibility of reducing the construction costs by using help from family, friends, or volunteers. Building with straw and earth is safe, easy and accessible to anyone. Even your children could get involved and they would have a lot of fun playing with mud
  •  Straw-bale houses have a favourable micro climate resulting from their high vapour permeability and low moisture sorption (clay regulates indoor air humidity by absorbing excess moisture and releasing it when the air becomes too dry).
  • Living in a straw-bale house has important health benefits: there is a reduced risk of allergies from airborne molds, pollens, or toxins associated with the modern chemical paints and finishing materials. Straw-bale walls also offer protection from harmful electromagnetic field radiations.
  • Using local materials such as straw and earth significantly lowers the building costs.
  • Producing materials such as concrete, bricks, or steel requires a lot of energy consumption which creates pollution. Using natural materials instead, such as straw or earth will lower your impact on the environment. 
  • Producing straw involves growing grain plants which absorb Co2 emissions, having a positive effect on the environment. Moreover, straw is a by-product of the agricultural industry which would often be considered waste, being burned or left to rot. 
  • Straw-bale houses have high fire-resistance. Laboratory tests have shown that a straw bale wall will resist fire for over 2h. This happens because of the lack of air inside the compressed bales plastered with 3-5 cm of earth or lime plaster. 
  • A straw-bale house offers great resistance to earthquakes, as its’ structure is flexible and absorbs the seismic movements.
  • You will have a quiet living space, as the thick walls offer great sound resistance.
  • The antistatic properties of clay plasters are another advantage, they make it easy to keep a house dust free.

Make your choice and choose straw bale for you new home.

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